Saturday, March 12, 2011

You should have been home by now.. ♫

So been a bit down today, spent the whole day with Kloe and I think I might have annoyed her with my general 'down' mood. Started the day off fine, woke up in a pretty avergae mood (if you saw my post earlier this morning) but it went downhill. We got out of bed, showered and everything. Listened to some music, great? Yeah great, listened to some old classic, proclaimers, bit of Meat Loaf and then listened to "Should've been home by now/No matter what" by Meat Loaf. Put me in a depressed mood :(
I cried a tear 'cause it reminded me of my mum, she passed away a fair few years now (I'm only 18) and "No Matter What" Was originally sung by Boyzone, her favourite song. I remember singing that song with her and it just go me down.

Spent the whole day baw'ing about that and through all of Kloe's efforts I just couldn't cheer up a gret ammount. Spent loads of money in the city on junk and came home to cook some dinner :)
We cooked loads of Pasta Bake and ate it :)
I'm a little cheerier now but meh, it's almost midnight and I suppose I should sleep.

Night Guys.

Mum <3


  1. Gimme a bro hug bro :(

  2. Sleep tight! I hope you'll have a better day tomorrow :)

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  4. You could check my blog out, my goal is a smile a day and you seem like you could need one :x

    Sleep tight!

  5. hope u're better today!


  6. Goodluck, and goodnight my good man!

  7. the best thing about bad times is that they will eventually improve.