Saturday, March 12, 2011

And I would walk 500 miles..

So yesterday was pretty interesting. Did some college work at home because college was closed (well it wasn't but I didn't want to go in for some stupid activity day that provides no use to my curriculum), got a fair bit done and I'm still pretty ahead :)
After that my friend and I went for a walk, walked 7 miles in less than 2 hours, shocking. On the way we saw loads of road-kill, a few pheasants and a fox! My friend thought it'd be a good idea to inspect the fox so he bent down and looked at it, touched the jaw a bit and about 4 seconds later he pulled the jaw bone off :o
He covered it in tissue and put it in his pocket, when we got home he bleached it to preserve it and it was a spectacular bone, full jaw with the teeth still tack. I was amazed and disgusted at the same time lmao.

Then I went to see Kloe and we had fun :3 She stayed ovre mine last night and now we've woken up stupidly early (8am here  :( ) And we're gonna have a nice day, report back later guys.



  1. Nice post.

    Now I want to listen to the Proclaimers song and watch the "How I met your Mother"-epsidoe :)

  2. Hope you guys have a nice day :> poor fox though..

  3. The fantastic mr fox is fantastic no more.

    And glad you at least had a semi-normal night. No carcasses at least.

  4. Interesting... my uncle does that with road kill. D: